Always distant. Always silent. (themirrorofsin) wrote in my_one_weakness,
Always distant. Always silent.

series 4 episode 1

Episode description:

The new series opens with the arrival of Gabriel Cochrane, the once-wealthy owner of a large iron foundry. The bank has repossessed his home and business, his young wife has died, and Gabriel finds himself looking for a new start. The people of Candleford take him to their hearts, and Dorcas offers him a job and a home. But will their kindness be enough to save him, or will he let his vendetta against the bank, and his grief over his dead wife, prevent him rebuilding his fortunes and finding happiness again?

I liked Gabriel and this is a bit surprising, for me, as I'm not normally a fan of a would-be-love-interest for Dorcas.
But.... I AM SO GLAD RUBY IS BACK! I have missed her so much! Love the Pratt sisters together - even if Pearl wasn't that attentive to poor Ruby.
Minnie and Alf are still sweet and so are Margaret and Thomas.
The rest was just good old Lark Rise :D


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